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Fandom Corner [userpic]

Fic: Not The Russian Way (The Man From UNCLE)

August 23rd, 2015 (01:16 am)

Title: Not The Russian Way
Author: hils
Fandom: The Man From UNCLE (2015 Movie)
Pairing: Illya/Napoleon, Illya/Gaby, Napoleon/Illya/Gaby
Word count: 1577
Rating/Contents: PG
A/N: This started off as a silly prompt from Snoodle who suggested Napoleon dancing in his his apron and cajoling Illya into joining in. It sort of ran away with me a bit and then Gaby wanted in on the action so...
And a HUGE thank you for vysila for the beta work. I couldn't have done this without your assistance and reassurance.

Summary: “You, tovarishch, look like you need to relax. Dance with me.”